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 Environmental Policy

We are Carols Beau Rivage strongly believes in our commitments towards protecting the natural surrounding environment, reserving its resources and reduce the environmental impacts of its operations, activities, products, and services.

We are committed to the following subjects:

  1. increase level of awareness of environmental issues to all resort employees, guests, suppliers and contractors.
  2. comply with all environmental laws, regulations, codes of practice, and other requirements.
  3. we mitigate the negative impacts of our activities on environment, prevent all kind of pollution, and develop a vision about maintain and saving the wild life resources and next generation rights whenever possible.
  4. Support our local community and all persons working for or on behalf of Carols Beau Rivage with all the possible information and training to increase the mediums of communication of the environmental regulations and understanding.
  5. we do care with our environment resources by reducing energy use, saving water and minimizing the operations waste and pollutions.
  6. we Promote And support environmentally responsible management to Reduce Pollution safeguard the long-term existence of our businesses and when we buy a new products and equipment.
  7. we hardly work to keep the work environment at the best level Of satisfaction according to the human rights included the women rights, we off Equal opportunities in staff hiring and promotions to all our staff .
  8. all our stakeholders are equal , well treated ,their ideas highly respected without any kind Of discrimination regardless of our race, ethnicity, nationality, class, caste, religion, belief, sex, language, sexual orientation, gender identity, age, health or any other status.
  9. environmental policy will be subject to continuous review annually to ensure that it continue to reflect the aims of Carols Beau Rivage and keeps up to date with legislative requirements.


Part of the values of Carols Beau Rivage Hotel has always been to conduct our business in a responsible and caring way. The values of quality, reliability and care are fundamental in guiding the hotel towards sustainable business practices.

For our hotel, sustainability is about meeting current needs while at the same time preserving and contributing to the future for generations to come.

Our global Sustainability partner Travelife, provides certification to Carols Beau Rivage that follow established best practices and fundamental principles towards sustainability.

Our hotel commitment to become sustainable and socially responsible we care about the environment and give back to local communities

Since the introduction of Travelife certification in our Hotel, energy and water have been saved, community assistance initiatives have been devised, new technology implemented and alternative energy sources pursued.

Every year, our hotel starts initiatives that contribute to the protection of natural resources and support long-term sustainability. While this is a continuing process that gets more sophisticated, and expansive we take great pride in the projects that our hotels have already implemented.

Our efforts include essential projects like preserving water, recycling and managing waste, as well as using fittings, fixtures and equipment that support efficient energy use. We increasingly use fair trade products and biodegradable where possible. Social initiatives that support our local communities and staff members are also a large part of our commitment to sustainability. We support, organize and facilitate charity events that raise funds for a number of good causes, environment protection, local workforce development, and the protection of indigenous species.