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Ferragosto 2019

Carols Beau Rivage

This beautifully appointed, truly opulent hotel sprawled majestically on the Mediterranean 200 km west of Alexandria, embraces perfection amid soft powdery white sand and the tranquil waters of Marsa Matrouh. The Carols Beau Rivage sits aloft desert elevation along a bay protected from the high surge by a breath-taking, sea-wall rock formation. Like precious pearl, the hotel rests along the coast confirming the world is its oyster.
Marsa Matrouh’s centerpiece stunner never seizes to enthrall visitors and guests who find El Obayed, Aguiba, and Cleopatra Beaches some distance away, a much added bonus.

A delicate balance of elegance and business savvy is unique to this hotel.

Its architecture is reminiscent of days gone by from the era of Pharaohs and High Priests to the 21st century. It perfectly complements the enchanting flora, fauna, and marine life that well define the rich abundance of Siwa and the Western Desert.